Motions Submitted to LGBT+ Conference

Monday 08-02-2016 - 12:39

Motions have now been published for LGBT+ Conference, to be held on 15 - 17 March 2016

NUS LGBT+ conference will bring together a wide range of student activists to debate, vote on motions and elect the political leadership for the year ahead.

Motions have been submitted to the conference covering the following areas of work – Education, Society & Citizenship, Strong and Active Unions, Welfare & Student Rights and Rules Revision. They can be found on the LGBT+ Students Conference Hub.

Motions are titled:

An autonomous trans conference

A full time paid NUS Trans Officer and an autonomous NUS Trans Liberation Campaign

An Ace Rep for the LGBT+ Committee

NB Spaces

The + is not superfluous

Developing Intersex Representation within our Liberation Movement

Recognising the Black LGBT Subcommittee

Motion 108: If the Cap Fits

A Nationwide Trans Map

Estrangement should be high on the agenda

Policy change to NHS system to Transgender transition treatment


A is for Ace not Ally

Youth Mental Health Provision

Solidarity with Trans Students

Housing for All

Homes for Queers

International Students and NUS LGBT+ campaign

Psychology: Including those most at risk

LGBT+ students need #GrantsNotDebt!

Tampons are indeed very taxing

The rent is (still) too damn high – kill the housing bill!

LGBT+ survivor support

Expanding support for LGBT+ survivors

Pick Up the Pace

Mental Health in the LGBT+ Community

EU Protections for LGBT+ people

No Women in Men’s Prisons

Solidarity with Wales to introduce a Gender Identity Clinic

Leave the EU? Are EU joking me?

End Gay-to-Straight “Conversion” Therapy in Britain

Love and Gender have no borders!

Stopping the Scrapping of Maintenance Grants

Abolish the Prison-Industrial Complex

Make Pride a protest!

LGBT+ Youth Homeless and the Housing Crisis

LGBT+ Unemployment

To campaign for PrEP to be made available on the NHS for free

We're here, we're queer but we've nowhere to go

A Cut Above the rest: the attack on LGBTQ Services

Defending Safe(r) spaces and No Platforming

Bye Bye Bi+ Erasure

Building a more accessible conference

Black Representation in LGBT

A trans health fund in every union

Supporting LGBT+ Activists

Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Students and NUS LGBT+ campaign

LGBT+ Officers for all

Dear cis straight academics, stop erasing my identity

Pride and Prejudice in Education

A Better Future for Mental Health Provision in Schools

Bursary or Bust

No to the Marketisation of Education

Bursary or Bust


Constituent members and individuals are entitled to submit an amendment to any motion, using the amendments form.

The deadline for amendments is 12pm 19 February.

On 15-17 March, LGBT+ Students Conference will bring together delegates from students' unions to discuss, debate and vote on these motions.

Registration will close at 9am on the 1st of March or when the host venue reaches its capacity.


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