Motions Submitted to Black Students Conference

Monday 09-05-2016 - 15:02

Motions have now been published for Black Students Conference, to be held on 28 - 29 May 2016

NUS Black Students conference will bring together a wide range of student activists to debate, vote on motions and elect the political leadership for the year ahead.

Motions have been submitted to the conference covering the following areas of work – Anti-Racism, Black Representation, International Peace and Justice, Equality in Education and Rules Revision. Motions can be found on the Black Students Hub

Motions are titled:

To Redefine the language and use of the liberation term "Black Students"

Location, Location, Location

Create a Trans Students' rep on committee

FE and HE Link up!

Free Education

Higher Education White Paper - opposing the Marketisation of our Education

Equality in Education

Bring Back the One-Year Post Studey Visa for International Students 

Area Reviews

Protecting Freedom of Information

Faith in Unity!

Gendered Islamophobia

Anti Racism Anti Facism

Prisons are Obsolete! Abolish Them Now!

Expanding the Campaign Against Prevent in FE

Housing is a Black Problem

Disabled Black Students: Understanding the intersect and making activist accessible

Black Students Campaign Loves SU's


Defending Black Representation

The Fair Way

More Representation for Black Women & Black Trans People on Panel Events

Black is not a cis monolith

Defending Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions

International Peace and Justice

A Strong, Successful Response to Deportation Cases

Joining the fight against HIV in Black Communities

Stand by Survivors


Constituent members are entitled to submit an amendment to any motion, using the amendments form.

The deadline for amendments is 12pm 13 May.

On 28-29 May, Black Students Conference will bring together delegates from students' unions to discuss, debate and vote on these motions.

Registration will close at 9am on the 16 May


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