Meet Rob Henthorn, NUS Scotland's Vice President (Education) 2015-16

Monday 06-07-2015 - 12:12
Robhenthorn headshot

Hi folks, I'm Rob and I'm the year's Vice President (Education) for NUS Scotland.

I got involved with the student movement fighting tuition fees and education cuts on my campus, getting involved with protests, radical direct action and student organising across the UK. I spent two years as Education Officer at Aberdeen University Students' Association, so I'm a real nerd about teaching and learning and academic representation, making colleges and universities democratic communities run by students and workers.

One of my big areas of work this year is on the relationship between education and work, giving our associations the tools and influence to challenge destructive narratives around 'employability' and put the needs of students at the heart of workplace learning. This will also focus on students as workers, fighting for workers' rights for apprentices and students on vocational courses.

I'll also be working with Emily (NUS Scotland Women's Officer) on liberation in the curriculum, making sure the things we're taught and the way we learn empowers students to recognise and confront structural oppression in our course material, our institutions and the wider world.


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