Marching with our communities for all in society

Thursday 18-06-2015 - 15:52

This Saturday, students will join public sector workers, trade unionists and people from across the country in marching to protect public services and crucial funding for all in society and standing up for the poorest and most vulnerable who face the harshest cuts.

Earlier this month at their final meeting of the year, the NUS National Executive Council, made up of student representatives as voted by National Conference, voted in favour of a motion from Canterbury Christ Church Students’ Union to support the ‘People’s Assembly against Austerity’ demonstration on Saturday 20 June 2015. The march will take place through central London this Saturday and is calling for an alternative to the austerity agenda which, over the past five years, has led to the biggest fall in living standards since records began in 1856!

Speaking about the People’s Assembly against Austerity march this Saturday, NUS president-elect Megan Dunn said: 'Just last week we heard that the government is considering cutting, or even abolishing altogether, maintenance grants for the poorest students in England. We’re working with students’ unions across the country who are already lobbying MPs in their local area and meeting with their vice chancellor’s to defend the most vulnerable, at a time when they need support the most, as the cost of just getting by is getting harder and harder to manage.

'But just as we will need the support of our local communities to challenge the government and force them to change their mind, students will always work with those across the country who are standing up for the public services we rely on the most. That’s why we’re supporting this chance to stand in solidarity with working people from across the country, using our right to protest peacefully, to show the government the damage they are doing to the life chances of everyone in Britain and the most vulnerable in society.'

The march is being organised by the People’s Assembly and is supported by Unite, UCU, NUT and many more trades unions and local campaigning organisations. You can find more details about the march and how to attend here.

You can also take action now to defend maintenance loans that so many students rely on. You can;

1. Tweet at, write to or meet your local MP(s) and ask them to do all they can to defend the grant – note this will affect English-domiciled student studying in the nations

2. Encourage your students to do the same, and to contact their home MPs during the summer

3. Discuss the potential cuts with your Vice Chancellor and ask them to speak out against any cuts – them that UUK argued against lowering fees because more should be spent on financial aid for the poorest students

4. Start to collect evidence or case studies that may help in any future campaign


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