Manchester give the NSS the Shaggy treatment in new parody video

Wednesday 08-02-2017 - 15:32

Officers at the University of Manchester Students’ Union have released a video to promote the National Students Survey (NSS) boycott campaign to their students. Fairly normal practice, you’d believe, until you realise it’s to the tune of Shaggy’s 2000 hit single ‘It Wasn’t Me’.

The officer team explain through power of song why students should boycott the annual survey and with over 15,000 views in just under two weeks, the video has proved a hit with fellow students.

Emma Atkins, Education Officer at Manchester SU, said: “We were inspired to make the video because it’s really important to get students involved and aware of the situation with the TEF and the NSS, but it’s quite a dry and complicated topic – so we sought to find ways to make the campaign message both informative and fun. We believed doing a video would start conversations but was also an opportunity to be silly and have a laugh.”

Emma also highlighted the importance of making the message clear and accessible for students, and are also getting their lecturers involved: “It’s also a great tool to give to our local UCU members, for information and if they want to show it in lectures. The message of ‘Don’t fill it in’ was the easiest to convey, and we’ve heard that loads of students are now aware of the campaign.”

You can watch the video in full below.

Do you think your university could do better? We dare you to try!

You can find out more about our campaign to Boycott the NSS and pledge your support online at


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