Malia Bouattia invites SUs to take part in our Regional Network events

Thursday 15-09-2016 - 11:39

NUS President Malia Bouattia calls on all students' unions to come together and build regional networks as well as strong, active students’ unions.

Malia Bouattia has announced a series of upcoming ‘Regional Network’ events to encourage students to collectively “defend our vision for a free, accessible, and liberated education for all” in the run up to November’s National Demonstration.

The events are designed to give students and SUs a space to organise, collaborate and campaign locally on issues which matter to them – from cuts to further education and rising tuition fees through to the Prevent agenda, rogue landlords, financial problems, deportation threats, sexual violence, welfare services racial discrimination, LGBTphobia and ableism. 

NUS will be hosting seven events this term between Thursday 6 and Friday 21 October in the following locations:

  • London (Goldsmiths College Students’ Union), Thursday 6 October 

  • South West (Bristol Students’ Union), Friday 7 October

  • West Midlands (Warwick Students’ Union), Tuesday 18 October

  • South East (Sussex University Students’ Union), Friday 21 October

  • East Midlands (University of Nottingham Students’ Union), Monday 28 November

  • North West (Manchester Students’ Union), Friday 2 December


To sign up to either of these, simply click on the link for the event you’d like to attend and register online.

Why we’re hosting these events:

Explaining the need for students to harness their diversity and build strong networks, Malia said: “The strength and the beauty of our movement lies in its diversity – its diversity of experiences, interests and entry points. It lies in the virtually infinite levels of creativity and inventiveness that this diversity can bring.

“We are a movement of many, of millions of students. We have among us science and humanities students; sports, music and theatre enthusiasts; people with a thousand interests or just one absolute passion. 

“We need to build on our strengths if we are to defend our vision for a free, accessible, and liberated education for all, at any point in life. Yet, it is rare for us to come together as a movement – both nationally and locally. This needs to change. 

“The first step has to be to come together. The second one will be discussion. The third is always action. And from collective action, all the great changes – across history and the world – are born. Now, more than ever, in our education system we need great changes. Let’s make it happen.’

For more information on NUS' Regional Networks, please read Malia's blog on NUS Connect here.


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