Malia Bouattia elected as NUS National President

Wednesday 20-04-2016 - 12:05

Malia Bouattia has been elected as NUS National President at National Conference 2016, becoming our first Black Muslim woman to hold the position.

Malia Bouattia, the current NUS Black Students’ Officer, received a total of 372 votes and was elected over rival candidates Megan Dunn, the current NUS National President, and Adil Waraich, former President of De Montfort Students’ Union.

She will finish her term as NUS Black Students’ Officer and start her new role as NUS National President on July 1 2016.

Following her election, Malia said: “I am so proud to be elected as NUS’ first Black woman president and I look forward to the year ahead. I know students have huge transformative potential when we come together and put liberation at the heart of our work. From cuts to maintenance grants, college closures, the Black attainment gap and the Prevent agenda, the number of voices and groups being silenced by this government grows by day. In the face of these attacks, I promise to unify, strengthen and lead our movement.”

Malia Bouattia was elected NUS National President at stage one of the count, with the final vote count being:

372 – Malia Bouattia
328 – Megan Dunn
9 – Adil Waraich
 – RON (Re-open nominations)

You can watch Malia's presidental election speech in full below.

National Conference takes place at the Brighton Centre this week from Tuesday 19 – Thursday 21 April. You can follow all of the news as it happens here on NUS Connect and follow the action on Twitter using the #NUSconference hashtag. 


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