Make sustainability a priority this year

Tuesday 28-04-2015 - 11:09

There’s never been a more important year to make sustainability your union’s priority. Are you taking action on one of our most pressing social justice issues? We can help.

Our world leading sustainability programmes can help you take the next steps on behaviour change, institutional reform, and shaping the solutions to our social, economic and environmental crises.

Here’s just some of what we can offer for 2015/16                                                                 

  • Green Impact

This is our flagship behaviour change programme, providing a structured framework of actions for staff and students to collaborate on sustainability.

Running in both students’ unions and universities and colleges, it’s the perfect platform for both taking the first step into sustainability, as well as influencing your institution and wider community on the agenda.

  • Student Eats

Food is a great way to engage huge numbers of new students with your union.

Not only is low-carbon local food great for sustainability, it does loads for health and wellbeing, as well as providing huge opportunities for social enterprise and employability skills.

  • Responsible Futures

Changing education is the first step to changing the whole of society. That’s why we've launched a brand new accreditation mark to get sustainability at the heart of every student’s curriculum.

The key is to work in equal partnership with your institution. Together, you can ensure that all graduates leave your university or college with the skills, attributes and experience they need to lead on sustainable development, whatever they study.

You can read more details about these campaigns, and many others, in our full rate card.

Taking action on sustainability isn’t just taking action on our most pressing social justice issue. It brings new students into your union, builds bridges into the community, and boosts employability and enterprise.

Make sustainability a priority at your union this year. Read the full rate card, and sign up today.



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