Maintenance grants: SUs campaign to save student support

Wednesday 20-01-2016 - 15:16

The House of Commons yesterday debated the government's proposals to scrap maintenance grants for the poorest students. Students' unions from across the country fought hard to try and save this vital support.

Students' unions continued their campaign to stop the government's plans to abolish university maintenance grants during the parliamentary debate on the policy yesterday. The government initially tried to pass the legislation through a 'Third Delegated Legislation Committee', but strong campaigning forced them into the full parliamentary debate that they tried to avoid.

Students gathered in Westminster yesterday to make their voice heard during the debate. Although the government was able to narrowly win the vote, 292 MPs from across the political spectrum voted to save maintanance grants. Thanks in large part to the lobbying from students and students' unions, this number included MPs from every political party that took part. Only Conservative MPs voted to scrap maintenance grants, although two Tories, Jason McCartney and Julian Lewis, voted against their party.

The protests were covered in the press and online:



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