Looking forward to 2019!

Friday 11-01-2019 - 17:04

Working in our Students’ Unions and Associations across Scotland is one of the most worthwhile, and fulfilling jobs a person can do, but it’s also one of the most exhausting. I hope student officers took a well-earned break – to gather breath, relax and prepare for 2019.  

Students' association officers from across Scotland at College Lead and Change

This new year, I’m pleased to say NUS have a load of great opportunities coming up for you to look forward to!

Student President’s roundtable 

On January 29 at the Scottish Parliament will be the President’s roundtable with Scottish Government Ministers! Student representatives can quiz decision-makers at Holyrood about everything from student equalities, to mental health, to student support and cost of living issues! So, to you Presidential types: remember and respond to the formal invite from the office of the Minister for FE, HE and Science. If you can’t make it, see if one of your officer colleagues – it’s a fantastic opportunity and I’d hate for any of our members to miss it!


Registration is now open for NUS Scotland Conference 2019! This is your opportunity to set the agenda for the student movement in the year ahead, so don't miss out! The deadline for submitting proposals is Thursday 7 February, and registration closes on 7 March.

Think Positive: Learning, Sharing, Networking 

On January 24, Think Positive is holding a Learning, Sharing and Networking event, for all those who’re keen to see what is happening across the sector on the issue of Mental Health, who is doing it, and how they can learn from their experiences. As NUS campaign nationally for improved provision, and monitor the Government’s roll out of new counsellors, activity on campuses across the country is key to ensuring we keep the pressure on colleges and universities to remain active in improving the support available to students. 

Stepping Up, Making Change

There’s a lot of great opportunities to learn about activism in various forms too! My Stepping Up, Making Change project is equipping students interested in getting involved in activism with the skills they need to successfully influence change on their campus, and on the February 21 at City of Glasgow College we’ll be running another of our Mental health specific campaigns workshops! Shuwanna, NUS Scotland Women’s Officer, is also giving campaigners across the country numerous opportunities to learn about and get involved in women’s activism, and has released a toolkit for our members to help Students’ Associations to combat gender based violence. 

Our first ever ‘Developing Ideas’ podcast

Finally, we’ve launched our first ever NUS Scotland 'Developing Ideas' podcast, exploring fresh perspectives in the student movement! The first episode is talking about the future of democracy in SAs. Give it a listen! 

With all of that coming up and conference on the horizon we’re in for a busy few months, and I look forward to seeing you all soon as we navigate them together as one movement!


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