Local elections win for the students of Brunel

Monday 10-11-2014 - 11:18

A student campaign backed by the Union of Brunel Students has reached its first milestone.

Adam Feneley, a student at Brunel, discovered that Hillingdon Council had taken the decision to not provide polling stations on campus due to a drop in student electoral registration.

The council website stated 'Individual Electoral Registration has seen the amount of persons registered drop quite considerably. This has been particularly noticeable amongst student populations and it is not, therefore recommended that additional polling stations be introduced in this ward.'

The drop in registration for students across the UK has come after the move to Individual Electoral Registration meaning that potentially millions of people, especially students and private renters, have fallen off the electoral register when their data couldn’t be verified by local government records.

Adam started a petition to the council calling for a review of the decision and in just 5 days it received over 500 signatures.

The Leader of Hillingdon Council has now moved the ‘Polling Districts and Polling Places Review’ until January 2015 to allow for public consultation, meaning that Adam and the Union of Brunel Students can continue to put on the pressure for polling stations on campus.

Vice President Community Welfare, Leon Evans said: “I am thrilled that our students care about expressing their voice on an important local issue, which is shown by how many signed and are still signing our petition in such a short period of time.”

If you want to find out more about Individual Electoral Registration or getting a polling station on your campus then contact 



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