Liberation Activist Days 2015

Monday 28-09-2015 - 14:55





Liberation Activist Training Days are coming up and it’s really easy to tell you why you should book your place.

Being a liberation activist on your campus – whether as an elected officer, a society chair, or just that person who is known for doing great things in this area – isn’t always easy.

It’s hard to explain to people what we mean, it’s hard to get things done in inaccessible environments and it’s hard to not get demoralised and to keep at it all the time. So that’s why we run these events. To give you the skills and confidence you need to do the work you believe in.

I realise this is sounding like a cheesy sales pitch, but I swear this is true.  I went to a Liberation Activist Training Day while I was at university.  I met people there who are still my friends and allies today.  It inspired me to run for this national position.  It taught me things that I use in my campaigning now. We try to make sure that the workshops we put on are as practical as possible and that there is always time to discuss the things you really want to know or need help with.

And like I say, you’ll be in a room full of people who share your aims and values.  A safe space.  And that’s rare.

Register today as places are extremely limited:

So book your place and I’ll see you there!



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