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Universities rely on rigid curricula and assessment methods that privilege certain groups while systematically shutting out those most marginalised from education: women, working class, disabled, LGBT+, Black students and those with caring responsibilities.

In 2013, 16 per cent more white British students graduated with a first or 2:1 degree than UK domiciled BME students (ECU, 2014). Research conducted by NUS (Race for Equality, 2011) and the HEA (2012) on the attainment gap and retention of Black students highlights the need for representative curricula and diversifying assessment practices.

The NUS #LiberateMyDegree campaign organised by the NUS Higher Education Zone and the NUS Black Students' Campaign aims to empower student reps from academic and liberation groups with the tools to transform and decolonise education so that it is more representative of the diverse student body, as well as amplifying local campaigns and initiatives to liberate education on a national level.

The resources on the campaign hub and our training workshops aims to empower students' unions to bring students and course reps together to discuss specific approaches to dismantling the Eurocentric education system such as:

  • Approaches to tackling the Black attainment gap
  • Student involvement in developing alternative assessments which test a wide range of skills
  • Student and staff co-designing curricula
  • Student-led alternative education spaces

‘Too often teaching and learning issues are depoliticised when it is curricula, assessments and teaching methods that shut different groups of students out. Top down approaches and a culture obsessing over metrics and stats could only lead to tokenistic representation at best - I believe the key is student engagement in developing alternative assessment methods and curricula reviews, challenging the status quo and working together with staff to dismantle a Eurocentric education system.’ - Sorana Vieru, NUS Vice President Higher Education

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