Liar Liar - we're still campaigning

Wednesday 06-05-2015 - 17:46

We're sick of politicians getting away with breaking their promise on tuition fees - that's why three weeks ago we launched the Liar Liar campaign. The broken promises around tuition fees have become a symbol of the dirty side of politics, the mistrust and the back room deals. 

We've been asking students to promise not vote for any politician who went back on their promises to oppose a rise in fees, and thousands of you have signed up. We've spread the message far and wide, with billboards in train stations and noise on social media, and it's even lead to Nick Clegg getting questioned about our posters live on BBC Radio One.

But sadly our train station billboards were taken down. It was claimed they were ‘too political’. So we instead took to the streets, with billboard vans travelling across London and Sheffield.

On Sunday, we were presented with an opportunity to really drill the message home with Nick Clegg, as he was due to appear on the Andrew Marr show. We were determined to show that students never forget. So we dressed up as an elephant (they famously never forget!), and made our way to New Broadcasting House of the BBC to wait for Nick Clegg to arrive. We came armed with a video message addressed to him from students, letting him know we wanted to see change. We were questioned by his security and warned off, and it turns out that he made an early exit through a fire escape. 

Whilst we might not have been able to deliver a personal message to Nick Clegg with the election almost here, we know that students and the general public will be sending a message to all pledge breakers at the ballot box. Sorry just isn’t good enough.


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