Let's have a Strategic Conversation..Registration closes Tuesday10am

Friday 04-11-2016 - 12:53

Strategic Conversation is an opportunity to work together to explore key strategic issues that are affecting the movement to help inform SU planning cycle and the work of NUS as part of NUS 100.

Register now before Tuesday 29 November 10am!

This event will support the planning and prioritising of our first year of NUS 100.  It's also an opportunity for you to hear from a series of excellent speakers, progress work on Quality Students' Unions, an opportunity to input into our work on improving engagement through improving democracy and review activity to influence the HE Bill and FE Area Reviews - just a few topics on the agenda!

The event also includes the NUS UK Company Law meeting to approve changes to articles proposed by National Conference followed by a Members Meeting this meeting provides an opportunity for Constituent Members to raise matters to the attention of the NUS UK Board of Directors; this session provides the space for discussion and debate over current topics.

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Registration is open now so please come along and join the Strategic Conversation. 


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