Let’s build bridges, not walls

Monday 27-02-2017 - 16:42

Our national summit - ‘Trump, Brexit and Beyond – Building Bridges Not Walls’ is just around the corner and I’m delighted to share the final programme with you today.  

Following the EU referendum and the election of Donald trump, we have seen attacks on migrants by politicians reach new depths. There has been a rise in hate-crime by 41 per cent in the UK, and in the visibility of hate incidents in society.

In response to rising concerns about this situation, NUS is hosting this one-day event on Sunday 12 March at SOAS in London which is designed to do three things;

  • provide a forum to discuss and assess the political situation we find ourselves in
  • provide an opportunity to learn about projects and practical tools that can be utilised on campus to combat discrimination and provide support to those who need it
  • develop and build campaigns that can make a difference at a local and national level

We will be hosting international speakers such as Janaya Khan, who has been at the forefront of Black Lives Matter in the US and Yasser Louati, a leading human rights activist based in France where the fascist Front National is riding high in the polls.

Other speakers include Professor Paul Gilroy, renowned author and journalist Gary Younge, the UCUs general secretary Sally Hunt and Kevin Courtney, general secretary of the NUT.

A range of academics, professionals, organisations and campaigners will be introducing eight workshops covering these areas:

  • Practical tools for tackling hate crime
  • Organising migrant solidarity
  • Tackling antisemitism
  • Women’s rights: building an intersectional movement
  • Confronting institutional racism in Education
  • Organising against Islamophobia
  • #NoSpaceForHate – reclaiming social media
  • Building a movement to stop Trump

International Students make up 20 per cent of the student population. They have been a part of the UK education system for hundreds of years and have carved a place on our campuses that cannot be replaced.

Their rights have already been under intense repression in recent years with worse to come.

As we know these attacks extend beyond our universities and colleges and are further marginalising and targeting some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

It is vital that we all stand together against this. I hope you will join me at the Summit and help contribute to our efforts.

In Unity,

Malia Bouattia



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