Leeds University Union: why do they stock Fairtrade Epona clothes?

Friday 11-03-2016 - 14:40

Leeds University Union have stocked products from NUS' Fairtrade clothing company Epona for almost a decade. As Fairtrade Fortnight comes to a close, Community Officer Jonathan Foster tells us why.

How long has your union stocked Epona clothes, and why do you choose to do so?

Leeds University Union Gear has stocked Epona since 2007. We love the way the garments are more high street focused and have more of a high street design than the normal Hoodie.

How popular are Epona products among students?

Our Leeds students love our Epona products and the Kylie shorts have always been one of our top selling lines. Our students love the design and feel of the garments.

How important is it that universities and students’ unions are committed to Fairtrade, and what impact can that have?

It is crucial that universities and students’ unions actively support and encourage their members to support Fairtrade products by stocking Fairtrade items in their commercial outlets. Students and staff at universities around the country are a huge market in terms of market share, and promoting Fairtrade broadly to this mass market brings the widest benefit possible to farmers across the globe. Promoting Fairtrade on campus not only supports these farmers but educates our students and staff to the benefits this fantastic foundation brings to the wider global community.

What’s your best-selling Epona item, and what’s your personal favourite?

Kylie shorts are our best-selling line and have been for the past few years Favourites well as the range is fore ever changing there are lots but I do love the Slouchy ladies tops.



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