Launch of new Women's resources

Thursday 16-02-2017 - 16:00

We've updated two handbooks and added further information on how to be inclusive of Disabled and trans people.

As-salumu ‘alaykum everyone!

The NUS Women’s Campaign have put together two newly edited handbooks to provide all incoming Women’s Officers and Feminist Societies with relevant information about their roles. 

Download the NUS Women's Officer Guide here.
Download the Feminist Society Guide here.
Download the Reading List.

Along with the main resources, we've also created short documents to help you to be inclusive of trans students and Disabled women.


We hope that both guides will provide you with a clearer understanding of your roles, and how you can best support women students on your individual campuses.

Both the Women’s Officer Guide and the Feminist Society Guide intend to equip Women’s Officers with practical skills and knowledge on maintaining a successful, accessible and intersectional Women’s Campaign on their college/university campuses. 

Both guides include information on:

  • Campaigning Techniques;
  • “A Case for Women’s Officer” (including a draft motion for council);
  • Creating and Maintaining a Women’s Group;
  • Building an Intersectional Space;
  • Useful Terms and Definitions;
  • and a NUS Women’s Campaign 101


Moreover, the guides are a way for you to be able to engage with the NUS Women’s Campaign. In the lead up to NUS Women’s Conference, it is imperative that you have a greater understanding of what the Women’s Campaign does and how it can best support you. Please remember, the NUS Women’s Campaign is elected to represent your interests and to campaign on your behalf!


Following on from the guidebooks, we will also be hosting two sets of bootcamps in London and Manchester beginning in March. The bootcamps will allow Women’s Officers and feminists societies to meet feminist activists across the country, to build networks and to partake in interactive workshops. The workshops are completely free, so if you’re interested in attending please click the link below!

Women's Officer Bootcamps

With love and solidarity,

Hareem Ghani 


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