Join our Fairtrade pledge by selling one more Fairtrade product

Monday 23-02-2015 - 16:39

It’s Fairtrade Fortnight and we want your union to make a pledge to sell one more Fairtrade product in 2015.

We all know Fairtrade is a good thing. We see the label in shops and know it makes a difference when we buy it. But do you know what it actually means and why we should support it through our unions?                        

When you sell a Fairtrade product, the money you generate contributes to the Fairtrade Minimum price which covers the cost of sustainable production for the produce farmers and workers sell.

This means the farmers and workers always receive at least the market price for what they produce and are guaranteed a stable income which helps plan for the future.

Fairtrade Premium is money above the Minimum price that farmers and workers receive from the sale of their produce.

This is used as they see fit to improve their communities by building schools, hospitals or vital infrastructure such as roads and bridges.

50 per cent ownership of Fairtrade’s global system is owned by producers who represent farmer and worker organisations.

With an equal voice, producers have a say in decision-making at the highest level. They are involved in decisions on overall strategy, use of resources and setting prices, premiums and standards.

Supporting Fairtrade isn’t just a good thing to do in general. It’s part of our core values as a student movement – strengthening communities, supporting collectivism, tackling inequality and providing access to education.

Loads of students’ unions are already committed to Fairtrade and do amazing work to support communities all over the world. But we can do so much more.

This Fairtrade Fortnight, take the pledge to stock just one more Fairtrade product in your union. Whether it’s bananas, tea, sugar, hoodies, chocolate or whatever – together, we can make a much bigger positive impact.

Taking the pledge? Tweet @nusuk telling us which new products you'll be selling in your union!


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