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Monday 24-04-2017 - 11:13

How would you like to be at the forefront of NUS’ work supporting students’ unions?  If the answer is ‘yes’, nominations are now open to join the committees that shape the direction of our Charity and NUS Services areas of work.


Our Boards and Committees are made up of a variety of people from across the membership including students, officers, non-executives and student union staff. 
There are now opportunities available on the Boards and Committees for both student union staff and officers. This is a great opportunity to represent your student union, our members, share your expertise, experience, build on your skills and give back to the membership. 

“I’ve been involved with the Talent Advisory group since its inception and love the opportunity to meet with staff and officer colleagues across the movement, hear their perspectives and most importantly support the strategic development of the talented people in our movement. 
“Being involved directly with some of the most exciting strategic programmes that support the development of our talented people, is a real privilege and I would strongly encourage anyone who is thinking about it to give it a go!”
Jacqui Clements, Chief Executive, Warwick SU

We support students’ unions in a variety of ways and some of this work is driven and overseen by the Charity Advisory Groups (CAGs) and Direction and Oversight Boards (DOBs), these are:

Students’ Union Quality - Improving organisational quality, the NUS quality mark (Quality Students’ Unions) has been developed by NUS to assure and improve the quality, standards and overall effectiveness of students’ unions.

Environmental Sustainability - Helping ensure impact and sustainability, we’re supporting students in taking action on sustainability across campuses, curriculums and communities. In tackling today’s environmental, economic and social problems.

Talent Development - We have a team of experts with strategic knowledge and good practice who support and develop unions and the people of the movement. And we develop and facilitate events like SU2016.

Student Opportunities - Supporting students’ unions to deliver quality student opportunities; societies, sports, student fundraising, volunteering, employability, enterprise, and student media.

NUS extra - Providing a source of income for students’ unions and putting money back into the student movement through the NUS extra card. 

UnionCloud - A flagship digital platform serving the needs of our members so that they can engage with and serve the needs of their members. 

Trading Support - Harnessing collective purchasing power, ensuring students’ unions get the deals and products that best serve their members. 

Epona Board – This is not a DOB but a full Board of Directors. A pioneer of sustainable fashion harnessing the power of students to choose change by choosing Fairtrade and organic clothing. This Board leads on the strategy and scrutiny of Epona’s work ensuring it is the best in serving the needs of the members for Fairtrade clothing.

The Advisory Groups and Direction and Oversight Boards help us to ensure we effectively represent our member students’ unions, ensuring they have the tools and resources to represent their members. They play a key strategic role in developing the work and future within the areas above.

We’re looking for new members on these committees. This is a great way to share your knowledge and experience with others in the student movement, helping improve the way we run some of our work.  

Ready to get involved?

Elections are now running for the SU Officer positions, nominations for these positions close at 12noon on 2 May 2017. If you fancy running, have a read of the role profile to find out what opportunities are available and how to nominate yourself.

We're accepting applications from student union staff until 16 May 2017, more information including the opportunities available, role profile and how to apply can be found here for the DOBs and here for the CAGs. 

“Being a member of the Trading DOB, I’ve discovered just how much time and hard work is involved in negotiating, organising, facilitating and supporting all the tenders, contracts, deals and member student unions and their teams.  This time and hard work is definitely worth the effort; to see the benefits it brings to the collective movement and I’ve enjoyed my involvement in those processes and outcomes while also broadening my experience, enhancing my CV and generally being more engaged with other unions and NUS.  If you chose to volunteer you will enjoy some great training, support and learn huge amounts about the processes of supply chain management while also helping other member unions through your representation to NUS”. Alan Williams, Nottingham Trent SU


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