Izzy Lenga elected NUS Vice President (Welfare)

Wednesday 26-04-2017 - 14:29

Izzy Lenga has been elected as NUS Vice President (Welfare) at National Conference 2017.

Commenting on their election, Izzy said: “I look forward to getting started as NUS’ Vice President Welfare, bringing our welfare campaign back to students’ unions, supporting the vital work that they do to change the lives of students’ day in day out. I am thrilled to have been elected as a proud Jewish woman and will work tirelessly to ensure our movement and our society is free from any form of antisemitism, as well as all other types of racism and discrimination.

"We are living through some of the most turbulent and uncertain times: accommodation is unaffordable, poor student mental health is rife and social media abuse is rampant on campus. As we go to the polls in June, we must make sure that issues facing students are at the heart of the debate.”

Izzy Lenga was elected NUS Vice President (Welfare), with the vote count being:

393 – Izzy Lenga
328 – Jenny Killin

8 – RON (Re-open nominations)

Izzy Lenga ​will begin their term as NUS Vice President (Welfare) on 1 July 2017. 

Not in Brighton for National Conference? Watch our live stream on NUS Connect and follow the action on Twitter using the #NUSNC17 hashtag.



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