It’s my favourite time of the year - It’s time for a FEstival!

Friday 21-09-2018 - 10:09

FEstival takes place on Thursday 18 October at the Holiday Inn in Sheffield. Will you be joining us?

You may sense my excitement, but it’s for good reason. FEstival is our warm welcome to the movement, your chance to learn about what it is we do, and an opportunity to come together with student representatives and staff, to build a fairer and better funded further education system. This year FEstival coincides with the AoC week of action for FE funding.

For eight years, we have seen cut after cut, putting FE staff under increased pressure. FE has always been a special place where students can grow and realise their potential, yet we have seen our education becoming solely about the qualification, at the expense of enrichment and careers advice - such crucial aspects of our FE journeys.

I want you to be the centre of this campaign and FEstival gives us the perfect opportunity to do that. This event will provide you with the skills, knowledge, and relationships, to do exceptional things in your students’ unions and in lobbying the sector. We want to show how much influence our voices have on the FE Sector. 

At FEstival, we will show you the support we can provide you back at your colleges, while the workshops will give you the skills to run winning campaigns, develop your skills, and better understand your role at your college and in our national movement.

Working together we can show the government that the FE Sector isn’t just something to be put at the side. It is shameful that the government refuses to listen to the needs of the sector, and that is why we support each other and use the skills to make our voices heard. 

If you are new to our movement, if you believe in sharing knowledge, if you value skills and knowledge development, if you want practical steps on making a big change at a local and national level and finally if you believe it’s time for FE to stop surviving and start thriving, then come and join us at FEstival by registering now.

Emily Chapman
Vice President (Further Education)


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