Introducing Project 100

Tuesday 24-11-2015 - 11:11

Welcome to the Project 100 blog. Project 100 is the exciting programme of work to develop a strategy that takes us up to 2022 - NUS' 100th birthday. This introductory blog is written by Megan Dunn, national president and Simon Blake, chief executive. There will be regular posts to keep you updated and involved throughout.  

Project 100 aims to look at what we do and how we do it through three strands of work; 1. Build our vision and strategy, 2. Review our corporate governance to ensure we have the right structures and approach to input, oversight and scrutiny, and 3. Explore creatively how our democracy can be ever more inclusive, accessible and representative of our membership. 

What do we know already? 

You have already told us that you want a bold vision and be ambitious about what we can achieve together over the next decade. You want us to develop real clarity about how we will work together to win drawing strength in our tradition of collectivism. 

Most - but not all - of you say that NUS should do less things to create capacity to be excellent at that we continue to do. We have not yet agreed which things we should stop, where we keep going as we are and where we need to change or significantly improve. Some of you have said we need to re-examine the way we do things together - drawing more effectively on the strengths across the movement. 

Project 100 will explore these issues and much more. We will ensure we understand the environment we are working in so we can be at the forefront of change using our collective efforts to win for students. We need to be able to articulate the big things we want to achieve and set out in concrete terms what success looks like. It must be able to prioritise and resource our work and deliver effectively and efficiently, building on our strengths, and challenging ourselves to change or improve where we need to. 

We are not starting from a zero knowledge base because we have already have so much information and data, and work underway that this must and will build on. However we do start this process of Project 100 with the enthusiasm and determination to create a strategy and approaches that maximise our collective power to affect change. 

The Project 100 Team

We are delighted to have created a project team with diverse backgrounds, experience and skills - Anneessa Mahmood, Emily Thompson-Bell and James Robertson - to lead the work and facilitate the process with sponsorship from the two of us, along with Richard Brooks and Peter Robertson

This process will be iterative, be fun and challenging - it is going to require creative thinking, stretching conversations and ultimately some difficult choices to be made. It will require us to bring our best thinking and energy to the process so we can navigate our way positively into the next decade with our shared goal of winning for students at the heart.  

Further information 

The Project 100 team has prepared a briefing on the process which you can find here. Please do email the team if you would like further information, have thoughts, ideas or questions. 

We are both excited to kick off this process and very much look forward to collaborating with you to produce the strategy in the coming months. 


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