Illustrator Joel Cooper ‘scribes’ NUS Strategic Conversation

Monday 16-02-2015 - 16:52

See what Joel Cooper literally drew his inspiration from during our two-day event in Sheffield.  

At last week’s Strategic Conversation event in Sheffield, we were joined by talented illustrator Joel Cooper, who, armed with sharpie pens and flipchart paper, produced live ‘graphic recordings’ of the on goings of our two-day long event.  

Joel took his inspiration from a variety of themes, workshops and of course, conversations which were explored by members of the student movement throughout the conference.

These included topics such as the New Settlement, housing, collectivism, technological innovation, changes in the sector and the upcoming General Election. The results can be viewed in the slideshow below.

Praising Joel’s body of work, event organiser Simon Rayner said: ‘Visualising the many voices of the movement is no mean feat, Joel’s graphic illustration captures at glance the passion, insight and energy of the movement. It’s a great memoir and springboard on to future strategic thinking. Studying in detail, it covers the biggest challenges and opportunities for the movement but just quick glances give inspiration and insight’.

You can find more information on Joel Cooper and his work online at and download high resolution versions of the illustrations above via NUS Connect here


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