Huddersfield rethink shopping experience with UnionCloud and Epona

Tuesday 13-01-2015 - 15:44

With a stock room bursting at the seams, Huddersfield Students’ Union needed to think of a new way for students to shop.

With storage space limiting the range of stock on offer, no order fulfilment capacity or no way to run a print-on-demand service, the team at Huddersfield needed to come up with a better way to order branded clothing and other items.  

So, working with the UnionCloud team and Epona, they decided to launch an eShop and in just three months, it was up and running and proving a hit with students.

Since launch, this innovative approach to e-commerce has not only improved online engagement, but also allowed the union to increase the range of products available as well as generate income to fund essential services. Being an eShop also means that it reaches a much wider audience so students who may not come on site often, have better access to merchandise and many international students have been able to take advantage of the international postage option.

How it works
With first-hand knowledge of what students want, Huddersfield Students’ Union takes care of the marketing and product choice. As developers of the eShop module, UnionCloud provides the technology and handles the payments/allocations and Epona as a trusted and ethical supplier, is responsible for all order fulfilment and customer service.

Next steps
Now the e-Shop is up and running, the plan is to move all club and society merchandise online which will mean faster delivery, less administration for union staff and more money staying within the movement.

Head of Membership Engagement, Tom Flynn said: ‘The university has been so impressed with the eShop, they have now confirmed their commitment for the union to continue ownership of branded merchandise sales. This is great news as it allows us to reinvest back in to core services and provides a revenue stream for NUS which is spent directly on improving students’ lives.’

Take a look at the eShop here or if you’re interested in finding out more, Tom Flynn would be happy to answer any questions. 


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