How to get involved in Inter Faith Week

Monday 13-11-2017 - 17:00

Inter Faith Week (12-19 November) is an opportunity to focus on cooperation and understanding between people of different faiths and beliefs.

Throughout the week there will be celebrations of the commonality between people of different faiths. At a time when society can feel increasingly divided, events that emphasise greater interaction between people of different backgrounds become ever more important.

And the divisions we see in our communities are all too often reflected on our campuses. Students’ unions work to represent students of all backgrounds, and do some of the most valuable interfaith work there is. They work tirelessly to ensure our campuses are inclusive, embracing and vibrant communities. That's why I made interfaith work one of my key priorities for the year.

So this week is an opportunity to celebrate your work in this area; work that has directly helped improve the experience of thousands of students. There are loads of brilliant events and activities at SUs throughout the week, so check out what's going on locally and jump on the hashtag #InterFaithWeek to highlight the great work from your campus.

And if you haven’t got dedicated local events or resources for Interfaith Week you can still get involved! This week is all about opening up discussions between people of different faiths and that’s why we’ve teamed up with Interfaith Network to promote #IFWCoffeeConvos. The idea is simple – simply sit down over a coffee with someone of a different faith.

Discuss faith festivals that you have recently celebrated, ask about the work of faith societies on campus, talk about what you faith means to you and how this impacts your life at university or college. Chat about what could be done to help people of different faiths better interact with each other, or discuss ways of combatting prejudice and intolerance on campus.

These conversations may sound easy, but they are often exactly what doesn’t happen between people from different faiths, backgrounds or communities. Starting talking about these interfaith issues is a first step that we can all take.

So spread the word during #InterFaithWeek and help make our campuses open to all.

Download messages to spread on your own social media here and find out more about Inter Faith Week at

Izzy Lenga
Vice President Welfare


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