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Wednesday 19-11-2014 - 15:18

Our Officer Development Programme is an essential part of creating the strongest student movement possible, equipping incoming officers with the skills they need to make the most effective impacts during their time in office.

We’re always eager to make improvements to the scheme, and we are looking for a range of stakeholder views across both officers and staff from students’ unions.

ODP is made up of seven training courses we deliver to officers over the summer months:

  • Education Reps
  • FE Leaders
  • Getting to know your membership
  • Lead and Change x2
  • Leading Active Student Involvement
  • Small and Specialist
  • Welfare and Community

This year delegate satisfaction was at 90 per cent, but we can always improve, and so we want to hear from you about how we can better meet your training needs in future.

We review the programme every year, but it has been some time since a wholescale review of ODP has been undertaken for us to assess our current provision, to identify best practice and to make decisions about how the programme can best meet the changing needs of our membership.

We have commissioned Vanilla Ventures to provide this external expertise and have asked them to review our existing offer and provide recommendations as to how we can create training for 2015 and beyond. We decided to use an external consultancy as they are impartial and don’t have any preconceptions about the programme. Vanilla Ventures are learning and development specialists, they are one of our preferred suppliers and have worked with a number of students’ unions as well as undertaking other projects on behalf of NUS. 

Thank you to those of you how have already taken part in the focus group that took place at UK Zone Conference.

Other ways to get involved:

If you are an Officer:

Take part in the online officer survey which will close on Monday 24th November 2014

Or join our webinar:

If you are a member of Staff:

Take part in the online staff survey which will close on Monday 24th November 2014

Or join a webinar:

If you have any questions about the review please contact

We really appreciate you taking time to get involved and letting us hear your perspective. Thank you in advance for getting involved.


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