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Monday 08-08-2016 - 09:16

As-salaamu alaykum to all self-defining women! I’m Hareem, and as some of you may know I was elected NUS Women’s Officer in April. Here's more about my background in the movement and my priorities for the year ahead. I look forward to working with you all...

Fun fact: my name in Arabic, actually translates into “woman” (apt). 

I’m a History undergraduate at King’s College London (yet to finish my degree), the youngest of three daughters and obsessed with cats. During my time at King’s College London I served as KCLSU Women’s Officer, Co-President of the Intersectional Feminist Society and co-founded the anti-harassment campaign “It Stops Here”.                                                                                   

I hope to go further in my role as NUS Women’s Officer, and ensure women's rights are centralised within NUS. My main priorities for the year include: Liberating Mental Health – working with universities and students’ unions around the country to provide culturally competent care. Focusing on black mental health during Black History month particularly in relation to Black Lives Matter. Combating Violence Against Women: as you’re probably aware my predecessor, Susuana Amoah, successfully called for a review of the out-dated Zellick report. I will continue to support this work ensuring that the review takes into account universities’ duty of care to their students. I’ll also be collating a list of best practice around the country, while working with direct action groups like Sisters Uncut to protest against the government’s austerity agenda.

Having been a part-time activist myself, I am aware of the burn out that we face half way through the academic year. Thus, I will be working alongside my committee to host several Women’s Officer Bootcamps focusing on activist development, putting together self-help tips for Women’s officers and composing guidance for students’ unions on how best to support their Women’s officers.

It’s about time that we made the feminist cause accessible to all women. This year, I’ll be pairing up with the Black Students’ Campaign to look at the reality of gendered Islamophobia on and off campus (particularly in relation to Prevent), push for an interfaith conference at the end of the year, and create a briefing on how best to be an ally for marginalised groups.

Aside from that I will also be devoting my time to body image and body positivity, sex workers’ rights, abortion rights, prison abolition movements, disabled women and student carers. If you have any questions, or want to get involved with any of the work I am doing please get in touch on and follow the campaign on twitter @nuswomcam.

It’s set to be a busy year… I look forward to working with you all and ensuring that women students feel welcome and respected on and off campuses. Let’s dismantle the white cis hetero-patriarchy together!

Best wishes,

Hareem, NUS Women's Officer


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