HE Bill: contact your MP by next week

Thursday 20-04-2017 - 15:05

The Higher Education and Research Bill will almost certainly return to the House of Commons next week, meaning we have just a few days to secure the vital changes that have been made over the last few months.

Over the past two years we have fought the HE reforms and Bill and won for students, together. As a movement we have campaigned, boycotted the NSS, lobbied and seen win after win. The House of Lords has made some crucial amendments to the Bill, but these are now at risk when it returns to the Commons.

We don’t know the date of its return and might not until very soon before it’s scheduled. Because of the General Election, Parliament will soon be dissolved and each Bill that’s not been completed enters a ‘wash up’ period. This means that MPs and Lords can debate things much more flexibly in order to fit everything in that they need to. This makes it critical that students get their voices heard now – at this crucial stage – because the HE Bill could return with very short notice.

All of the progress we have made could be lost. So we need your help now.

We need to ensure that:

So we now have just a matter of days to contact as many MPs as possible and make sure that students' voices are heard.

Download our full guide for students’ unions lobbying MPs over the HE Bill. 

Here's how students and students' unions can contact their MPs:

1. Meet your MP if they have a 'surgery' in their consitituency tomorrow

2. Call your MP

  • Find your MP's phone number here.
  • Send a follow-up email based on our briefing.

3. Email your MP

4. Tweet your MP

  • Find your MP's Twitte handle here.
  • Tweet for example:
    @MPTwitterHandle Pls support cutting the link between teaching excellence and higher fees in #HEBill. Full briefing:

5. Call your parents and ask them to contact their local MP


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