Happy New Year!

Thursday 07-01-2016 - 11:25

I’m back and ready to face this new year and all the challenges it will bring!

I’m pretty sure that you have all heard about area reviews by now. It’s an unsettling time for FE and we need to now, more than ever, arm ourselves with as much knowledge and information as possible to make sure that the relevant people are listening to what we have to say.

As part of our plan for tackling area reviews, we have arranged the Student Governor Forum on 27 January at Bolton Whites Hotel. This is an excellent opportunity to get together and meet like-minded governors and also to discuss area reviews and put together a plan of action for your institution.

We have some excellent guest speakers and it looks like it will be a really interesting day.

If you want to come along, please register here. But be quick, registration closes on 13 January.

Following straight on from the Student Governor Forum and taking place in the same building will be the Lead & Change Further Education (Advanced) residential.

This will be an excellent opportunity for those of you in officer roles to get together and really fine tune your skills. It will be a massive confidence boost and you’ll have a lot of fun!

Expect lots of debates, challenging thinking and working on developing campaigns with a strong focus on the learner voice and how we can strengthen our influence across the sector.

If you would like to register then please click here. Registration for this event also closes on 13 January.

For more information about the Student Governor Support Programme please click here.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

In unity




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