Going above and beyond... our Green Impact special awards!

Wednesday 08-07-2015 - 21:03

For over 100 students’ unions taking part each year, Green Impact is a great way of driving sustainability through small, achievable actions. But for some who go beyond the workbook – we like to celebrate their efforts with our annual special awards.

We give Green Impact special awards to three unions who go way beyond the required actions for accreditation, and push their own sustainability ideas entirely off their own initiative. 

Here are this year’s winners:

Large Commercial Union - UCLan Students’ Union
Education for sustainable development mapping project

Embedding sustainability into every curriculum is a massive priority for NUS, and so we were thrilled to see UCLan taking the agenda so seriously, carrying out a mapping process for ESD across the institution.

Talking to lecturers, students and course reps, UCLan have raised the profile of education for sustainable development among senior staff – including the vice chancellor – and will be delivering a series of recommendations to the university upon completion of the project.

Small Commercial Union – University of Stirling Students’ Union
The Food Hive Co-operative

The University of Stirling Students’ Union has put a food co-op right in the heart of their union building, cutting down food miles, minimising packaging, and promoting organic, low-carbon food.

Buying in bulk and undercutting the prices of many shops, the co-op makes it as easy as possible for students to make sustainable food choices, having turned over thousands of pounds already.

Non-commercial Union – Wigan & Leigh Students’ Union
Sustainable Beauty Project

Embedding sustainability into curriculums has to go way beyond traditional academic subjects, and Wigan & Leigh College are showing us how effectively ESD can be incorporated into vocational subjects.

Concentrating on the impact of toxic chemicals, and how best to avoid them in practice, this project has educated both students and the local community, with loads of immediate and long term benefits.

We’re always impressed by the action around sustainability taken by students’ unions taking part in Green Impact every year, but this year truly has been exceptional.

Well done to everyone who reminds us that while Green Impact provides a crucial framework for action, it’s really innovation, enthusiasm and initiate which drives real change – and that’s what we celebrate with our special award winners.

Take part in Green Impact this year.



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