Getting the Best from Brexit: We Are #StudentsOfTheWorld

Wednesday 08-11-2017 - 14:22

Today, we are launching our “Getting the Best from Brexit” Campaign pack for students’ unions. The pack includes a guide with an overview of our campaign and top tips for campaigning on your campuses…

Since the lead up to the referendum we’ve seen politicians increasingly resort to tougher rhetoric on migrants. The narrow vote to leave the EU has been used to justify a raft of policies seeking to crack down on migration and movement for work and study.

Although there are many issues that will affect students as a result of Brexit, we are choosing to prioritise protecting mobility for students and academics for our response. That is because we believe that mobility has huge benefits, not just to the individuals and institutions which embrace and are enriched by it, but also for the economy and the cultural fabric of our society as a whole.

We know that there is great uncertainty during these Brexit negotiations, and many students studying here or abroad will be concerned about what it means for their future.

With the Migration Advisory Committee consultation on international students now open and the immigration white paper around the corner, it’s a key time for students’ unions to make their voices heard and protect the future of student mobility.

That is why NUS is kicking off our “Getting the Best from Brexit” campaign ahead of International Students’ Day on 17 November. This is the perfect opportunity to show our strength as a movement, and to come out loud and clear to ensure that the protection of student mobility is part of any Brexit deal.

We need to influence and begin to shape the public debate on immigration. We must demonstrate to wider society the positive cultural impact that our international students bring, and also to the long-term global connections that these networks can bring. One way we want to do that is through our #StudentsOfTheWorld campaign – where we will encouraging SUs to collect stories with photos of their students (an example is in the campaign guide!)

Here are the links to our “Getting the Best from Brexit” Campaign Guide, a full policy briefing, and set of tips for creating your #StudentsOfTheWorld photo blogs.

Welsh translation of the resources will be uploaded in the next few days. These resources will be also updated when further dates are released.

Amatey Doku
Vice President Higher Education


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