Getting Students on Board: Top Tips for Mobilising for the Demo

Monday 24-10-2016 - 13:33

At our Regional Network events over the last few weeks we have been asking for ideas on how to mobilise students to get involved in the #Nov19 United for Education national demonstration.

Over the upcoming weeks we will be showcasing some of the great work that is happening at different unions all over the UK, but for now here are some great ideas for getting students on board at your campus.

  • Have A Party! Whether it’s a club night or just good old-fashioned tea and scones, think about holding a demo-themed social event to engage students. They may come for the cake, but they will stay for the transformative vision of education. Also works as a fundraiser too! If you are based in London, check out our #Nov19 Warm up Party at the Brixton Jamm, details here.
  • Get Creative. You could try a flash mob in the centre of your campus, like this excellent one that Northampton SU did for our #CutTheCosts campaign. Likewise you could ask art students to lead on a banner painting sessions, or invite your choir to praise the virtues of a fully-liberated education.
  • Get your clubs and societies involved. At Reading SU, the Cheerleading Squad told the government to ‘TEF off’ in response to the HE bill. Get your message out on the student airwaves, or ask for coverage in the student newspaper. You could even offer a prize to the society that can sign up the most students to the coaches!
  • Do it Old Skool. Banner or placard making sessions are a great way to get more people involved in helping you mobilise. Try lecture shout-outs (UCU could help with this!) or door-knocking to make sure that you speak to as many students as possible. Organise a panel event (you could even invite some of our officers to speak!) to open up the debate to your campus.
  • Spooky Specials. Halloween is coming – why not go for a demo-themed fancy dress competition? So far we have costumed endorsements from sumo wrestlers, a lobster, and even a grape! Alternatively, you can put a twist on the 5 November with a bonfire of the TEF.

These are just some of the ideas that students’ unions have had for creative and fun ways to get their students involved. Whatever you have planned make sure to let us know, and always be tweeting on #Nov19. For more ideas check out our ‘Mobilising students for the Demo’ guide, which you can find here.

Whatever you do please let us know about it at


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