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Thursday 23-07-2015 - 10:48

We have exciting opportunities to be at the forefront of NUS’s work supporting students’ unions by joining the committees that shape the direction and oversee areas of work within the Charity that directly impact students and our members.


We support unions in a variety of ways and some of this work is driven and overseen by the Charity Direction and Oversight Boards, these are:

Quality - Improving organisational quality, the NUS quality mark (Quality Students’ Unions) has been developed by NUS to assure and improve the quality, standards and overall effectiveness of students’ unions.


Sustainability - Helping ensure impact and sustainability, we’re supporting students in taking action on sustainability across campuses, curriculums and communities. In tackling today’s environmental, economic and social problems.


Development - We have a team of experts with strategic knowledge and good practice who support and develop unions and the people of the movement. And we develop and facilitate events like SU2015 and Students’ Unions local.


Student Opportunities - Supporting students’ unions to deliver quality student opportunities; societies, sports, student fundraising, volunteering, employability, enterprise, and student media.


The Direction and Oversight Boards help us to ensure we effectively represent our members, Students’ Unions, ensuring they have the tools and resources to represent their members. They play a key strategic role in developing the work and future within the areas above.

We are looking for new members on these committees. This is a great way to share your knowledge and experience with others in the student movement, helping improve the way we run some of our work.

“A great opportunity to have input into NUS, and understand what challenges/opportunities the organisation faces.” (DOB volunteer 2014/15)


Ready to get involved?

We are accepting applications from SU Staff, SU Officers and Student volunteers until 7 August 2015.

The committees are looking for:

  • 2 x Student Officers for Students’ Union quality
  • 4 x Student Officers for Development
  • 3 x Student Officers for Student opportunities
  • 3 x Student Officers for Sustainability
  • 3 x SU staff for Sustainability
  • 2x student volunteers for the Student Opportunities
  • 1x Lay member Student Opportunities
  • 1x Lay member for Students' Union Quality
  • 1x Lay member for Sustainability







Role information








Application SU Officers








Application SU Staff


Send completed applications and cover letters to if you have any questions about the roles you can also get in touch with us on this email address.


Shape Our Work

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