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Monday 17-08-2015 - 18:11

A year on from our launch of I Heart Consent we’re re- launching a new and updated programme to take our work even further.

It's been almost a year since the NUS Women's Campaign launched the I Heart Consent Campaign pilot scheme with Sexpression:UK, working with 20 students' unions across the country to create spaces to discuss the importance of sexual consent and healthy relationships.

The pilot year has given us a great insight of the effect of peer-led consent workshops in educational communities. As well as this, the campaign has successfully put consent education on the agenda for many colleges and universities and has been short-listed for a UK Sexual Health award.

The impact of the campaign has strengthened my belief that education about personal boundaries plays an integral role in preventing sexual harassment and assault and that incorporating preventative measures within a wider zero tolerance strategy is the way forward.

With welcome and freshers’ week events just around the corner and hundreds of thousands of fresh new faces due to appear on our campuses very soon, it's our duty as a student movement to ensure that we are putting in place measures to make our campuses as safe and welcoming as possible.

With this in mind, I'm really glad to announce the launch of the I Heart Consent Pilot report and the brand new edition of the I Heart Consent programme. We've used the findings from the pilot feedback to produce the latest edition of the I Heart Consent workshop programme.

The pilot report showed that 91 % of workshop participants agreed that they had taken away a better understanding of sexual consent from the workshop and 87% would recommend the workshops to other students.

Many Students wanted the workshops to be longer and have more information about LGBTQIA relationships and non-women survivors so we expanded the workshops and developed a two hour workshop outline to reflect the feedback we received.

In addition to the new consent workshop guide, we've created a Facilitator Training Guide and materials so you, yes you, can run training workshops for students and staff that want to learn how to facilitate consent workshops.

80% of facilitators that we trained in our pilot year agreed or strongly agreed that they had gained a better understanding of sexual consent from attending the training. 81% agreed or strongly agreed that they felt more confident to talk to others about sexual consent after attending the facilitators’ training.

In the new edition of the I Heart Consent facilitator training, we've created more time for peer feedback and LGBTQIA relationship education.

The new edition of the I Heart Consent programme includes: 

This programme was created for students by students and it's fair to say that we could not have developed these materials without the input of our pilot unions and volunteers from Sexpression. I hope we can all continue to work together to normalise consent culture on campuses across the UK and beyond.

If you have any further questions about consent workshops feel free to email me at

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