#GenerationVote battle of the tees: Who wore it best?

Monday 15-05-2017 - 17:30

It's the #GenerationVote week of action and students' unions around the UK have been out on campus rocking their tees, and registering students ready to vote in the general election.

This week SUs have been busy registering students in style! Here's our top picks of SUs in action and in their tees. Which SU do you think wore it best? 👕

1. Leicester Union

2. Highlands and Islands Students' Association​

3.University of Sunderland Students' Union

4. Canterbury College SU

5. Chester SU

6.Northumbria SU

7. Sheffield Hallam Union

8.Middlesex University Students' Union

9.Wrexham Glyndwr SU

10. Oxford University SU

11. Aber SU

12.Ayrshire College Students' Association

13. Fife College Students' Association

14. GCU Students' Association

15. Moray College

16. Sussex Downs College

17. Students' Union at Bournemouth University

18. Leeds Trinity SU

19.Queen Mary University of London Students' Union

20. Sheffield College SU

Make sure students at your SU are registered by Monday 22 May to vote in the General Election on Thursday 8 June. You can find loads of great resources on the #GenerationVote hub.

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