General Election: Making students' voices heard

Tuesday 18-04-2017 - 14:55

A statement from NUS President Malia Bouattia on the General Election announcement.

This morning, the prime minister called a snap general election to take place on June 8th.

Many students across the UK will be concerned about the implications of this election, which will effectively be a referendum on the terms of Brexit.

Students have been clear that they do not want harsher border controls and a deepening regime of cuts and privatisation of public services – from education to the NHS.

From protecting the rights of our international students to campaigning for fair funding for our education system, we have a responsibility as a union to get organised. Now is a moment for our movement to come together, to hold politicians to account, and to put forward the demands of students across the UK.

I will be working to draft our priorities and present them to all political parties.

This work will focus on the key issues that our members have put forward in the last year and that we are already campaigning on. These include the rights of international students, the safeguarding of education and funding agreements and a proper investment strategy into our public services.

The coming months will be crucial for our movement and making sure students come out and register to vote will be a top priority.​

NUS will:

  • Collaborate with students’ unions to hold hustings for candidates across the UK
  • Collaborate with SUs to hold days of action encouraging students to vote
  • Encourage student accommodation providers to facilitate registration drives
  • Make clear our demands, to all political parties and prospective candidates

A more detailed briefing is being drafted up for students’ unions with resources and will be sent out to you as soon as possible.

If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact me at

And remember to register to vote!


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