Fundamentally assessing what it means to be a member

Wednesday 29-10-2014 - 14:02

In her opening address at Students’ Unions 2014, Raechel Mattey, NUS vice president (union development), announced the launch of a new commission focusing on the values and benefits of being a member of NUS.

The results of which will be launched at NUS National Conference next year, and stating that she aims to “fundamentally assess what it means to be a member”

The commission will make recommendations on how the affiliation fee model can be improved to provide the greatest value to the membership.

Opening Students’ Unions 2014 at the Macron Stadium in Bolton, Raechel welcomed new officers to the movement, saying “trust me - it’s one of the best things you’ll do.”

Raechel also reflected on the hugely diverse variety of students NUS represents and the benefits and challenges that come with speaking for so many members with different views. She told delegates they must “stand up and get your voice heard - it makes the movement stronger”.

Delegates then heard Raechel set out her aims and targets for the next year. She began by discussing current issues with student participation.

Half the students on campuses don’t know what this movement does,” she told delegates. “We have the power to change lives, but we struggle to show what we’ve achieved.

This year we’re going to make sure we support you to demonstrate impact. This year we’ll be taking those small steps to secure our future”.

Raechel finished her opening address by encouraging delegates to take action for the General Election which will take place in 2015. “We must use this General Election to stand up together” she said. “Let’s use it to reach out to the next generation and empower them to make our communities better”.


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