Friday Night Lights

Friday 09-10-2015 - 00:00

Just another one of those Friday afternoon JISCs which lets you know stuff that is happening in Union Development, and opportunities to get involved in supporting Students’ Unions.

The first thing is simple; REGISTER FOR ZONES CONFERENCES (#NUSZones15). The key way to shape the work of your national movement is to engage with our policy creation process, which you can do later this month in the lovely Bradford (

You may have seen from the excellent Sam Uppal of UD fame that our webinar program – which is now the biggest it has ever been – has been created for officers (both on hot issues and also a continuation of Officer Development Program as promised) as well as staff.

In terms of Enterprise, we’re currently using our NUSSL Muscle (geddit) with all our partners on the NUS Extra Card based in hospitality. You may have seen in the news about Pizza Express and tipping and the inquiry the Government have launched, and we are ensuring our partners tip their staff appropriately. Also, NUS Extra Card sales are 5% up on this time last year!

We are launching our Roadmap based on last week’s FE UD Summit very shortly, as well as a lovely video with yours truly and Shakira, our VP FE and our UD team are support Scottish Students’ Associations with their elections in the spring, whilst reviewing commercial opportunities for them as well.

Finally, if anyone wants to talk about what we’re doing to ensure that PG Students have the opportunity to overcome barriers for them accessing Student Opportunities, let me know!

Thanks, and happy Friday!

Your friendly neighbourhood VP UD,



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