Free membership processing for clubs and societies offer

Wednesday 10-12-2014 - 15:20

At NUS Services Convention and AGM, earlier this year we made an offer of free processing of transactions to join clubs and societies and society events.

Sports Clubs

Partly to help our members block a threat from digital media companies offering free tools for groups which bypass the students’ union altogether.

NUS will cover the cost of all processing, including card fee and allow you to provide a full set of digital tools to clubs and societies which in turn will help you to build engagement and get your societies to use your own branded UnionCloud tools.

The offer represents a significant cost to NUS and is offered on the basis of a minimum three year UnionCloud commitment, a commitment to exclusively use UnionCloud for commercial ticketing and a data share agreement.   

If you have not taken up this offer, but would like to, then email and we will refund any transaction charges on clubs and society memberships and events back to the start of the new contract year.



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