Five things we learnt at Women's Conference 2016

Friday 08-04-2016 - 12:03

This week we’ve been in Solihull for our annual Women’s conference. Delegates from all across the UK meeting for three days to debate policy, learn new skills in workshops and elect the political leadership for the next year. Here’s a whistle stop tour of what happened…

  1. We must work together to tackle violence against women

    Together we can raise awareness of the destructive effects of domestic violence and sexual assault along with the sheer number of women and non-binary people affected. We must continue to work with Rape Crisis on the #StandByMe Campaign while they see cuts to funding. We know islamophobic attacks are on the rise and it Muslim women that are the worst affected. Conference made it clear that we must continue and extend our support to all women affected.  

  2. We need to act on Intersectionality, not just talk about it

    This year has seen the campaign create a whole campaign around intersectionality and the need to extend dialogue outside the most privileged women in society. So often the issues and experiences of more socially marginalised women are overshadowed, dismissed or erased. There was agreement that work around this must continue and in the words of Rowan Davies from Sisters Uncut, "Intersectionality isn't something you say it's something you do." You can download the briefing and workshop presentation   we have created if you’d like to learn more.


  3. Lad culture, it’s still alive and well

    We need to continue our work around lad culture, making our position and demands clear through the UUK taskforce on sexual harassment on campuses. Over the last five years we have worked tirelessly to bring the issue of consent to the forefront and make sure universities are doing all they can to tackle lad culture. But we must go further and ensure that the government does more to change out-of date guidelines and protect victims of sexual assault. If you would like to download any resources that can be used to campaign on Lad Culture or Consent please visit the Lad Culture Hub

  4. The annual awards saw some amazing winners and nominations

    The second evening of conference saw the Annual Awards and Gala Dinner take place, this was a chance to recognise and celebrate students across the UK for their hard work, passion and determination improving the lives of Women students. We had fantastic nominations across all categories and a big congratulations to all of the winners and runners up.

  5. Your new leadership was elected

    Last but by no means least, delegates at this year’s Conference elected their next wave of leaders for the 2016 – 2017 term. In a contested election Hareem Ghani saw off competition from Anna Lee to be elected as the next NUS Women’s Officer. While NEC 2nd Place Representative went to Amelia Horgan.

    There were also elections for Committee Places and Steering Committee which took place on the final day. The full results of these are available here.  



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