Five things we learnt at Sections Conference 2016

Monday 11-04-2016 - 16:24

In March the 2016 NUS Sections Conference was held in Milton Keynes for international, postgraduate, mature & part-time students. Here are five things we learnt…

1. That international students are amazing!

This year we hosted the first ever NUS International Student’s Awards and Gala Dinner. International students from higher and further education came together to recognise and celebrate the International Students’ Campaign, Student and Student Officer of the year. After a tough year for International Students with ongoing pressure from the government, it was great to come together and celebrate some of the amazing things international students have achieved.

2. That Milton Keynes is also amazing...

...enough said

3. How we can better support postgrad students with mental ill health


4. That part-time students were somehow ‘missed out’ of the green paper

That’s right! In the government’s higher education green paper at the end of last year, part time students got a mention a grand total of zero times. What does this mean for part time students? It means that we need to be piling the pressure on the government to make them realise that part time study is a crucial lifeline for so many throughout higher and further education.

5. That postgrads LOVE a quiz…



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