Five things we learned at Tackling Lad Culture conference

Tuesday 17-05-2016 - 11:13

Last Friday we hosted the Tackling Lad Culture conference at Queen Mary University. The day provided a space for us to come together and reflect on the activities that are making a real impact and identify how to create a long term strategy on changing culture.

There’s new resources to help Local Strategies to Tackle Lad Culture

Many campuses have similar issues when it comes to lad culture but every campus is also unique in how it manifests. Which is why we were proud to preview or benchmark tool, strategy guide and other resources at the conference, enabling SU’s to create a strategy tailored to their needs.


Sharing learning and practice is one of the the things Students’ Unions do best.

All our workshops were led by officers at the pilot Students Unions. They were able to talk about their success and pitfalls and create room for discussion on how different campuses could address issues, like consent education, alcohol consumption in multiple ways.


Education is key to dismantling Lad Culture

From awareness raising campaigns, to workshops in induction weeks, education is something that SUs can use to help students unlearn problematic views and also help to create a more inclusive and supportive educational community of active by-standers.


Supporting Student Survivors is paramount

Rape jokes and sexual violence are factors which have appeared again and again in our research on lad culture so its important that SU and institutions take a firm and visible stance against sexual violence and created effective reporting mechanisms and support services for student survivors of sexual violence.


Together we can create, safer, happier and more inclusive campuses

Lad Culture isn’t the most popular term in the world however that’s not an excuse to refuse to acknowledge it. We must address the culture of elitism with our institutions which produces peer pressure, exclusive behaviour and discrimination. Students’ Unions have the power to dismantle this culture and create better educational communities.


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