Five reasons you have to be at SU Local

Monday 26-10-2015 - 15:55

Students’ Unions Local are back! These are specially designed one day events created to meet the needs of officers and staff in students’ unions.

Our experience last year shows that the events are effective at reducing the distance SUs need to travel to access NUS expertise, as well as provide an opportunity to bring national conversations closer to our members.

This year there will be workshops presented in five streams to make sure you get the most out of your day. So here are five BIG reasons why you need to be at SU Local:

It's perfect for senior leaders - with sessions planned on the new NUS strategic plan, the next steps on from the membership commission and key issues of legal compliance; this strand is specifically designed to meet the needs of key decision makers.  

It could transform your union – this Quality Student’s Unions strand will kick-start your progress through the quality mark with dedicated advice and support on strategic planning, governance and democracy from our strategic support unit.

You can hear how we are changing the world - with the latest on three of our major campaigns: #CutTheCosts, Divest-invest, and a tailored electoral issues session specific to your nation.

You can immerse yourself in evidence and insight - with sessions covering the latest on the review of NSS and Unistats, how to get the most out of our insight team, and expert advice on how to place your purchasing performance into the national context; this strand is designed for those wanting to gain new insight and with a love of all things data!

It will give you the latest on key policy issues facing the movement – this session looks at three key policy issues facing the movement; how we can help close the BME attainment gap, responding to the area reviews facing FE and helping students have homes fit for study.

The devolution agenda that this Government are pursuing has meant that it has never been more important to understand how to work locally and across regions with other Students' Unions in your area. This is where change happens"

For me though, SUs Local is about more than convenience and the content of these workshop strands. It’s about taking the time to come together with those unions that are nearest to us, to learn together, to make opportunities to collaborate, and to make real the collectivist values of the movement that we all believe in. I’m really glad there will also be dedicated time on the agenda for facilitated networking so that you can do just that. 

I firmly believe that whilst we can move faster apart we can move so much further together. And now, perhaps more than ever, we must come together as movement and display the tolerance of each other’s difference, and our belief in the power of a collectivist united movement, so that we can do great things together. If we do nothing else at SU Local: then let’s do that.

Inter-regional man of mystery,

Richard Brooks, Vice President (Union Development)

The events you can attend are as follows: 

South West Wales - Cardiff University Students Union

North West - Liverpool Guild of Students

North East - Northumbria Students' Union

Midlands - Leicester Students' Union

London - Hertfordshire Students' Union



Remember spaces are limited so sign up today. 

There is a reduced rate for staff and officers from FE unions.




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