Five reasons why 2015 is the #yearoftheactivist

Friday 16-01-2015 - 14:53

It’s official: Back to the Future didn’t quite hit the nail on the head about what 2015 would hold. But while there are no hover boards or flying cars, there is a heck of a lot of campaigning and student power so we can’t complain. 

Here are our five reasons why 2015 is year of the activist.

  1. The General Election is fast approaching and now more than ever we have an opportunity to change who holds the power in our society. We're asking for a New Deal for students
  2. Liberation campaigning is bigger and better than ever; for instance #BlackLivesMatter trended globally, #everydaysexism enjoyed a big year in 2014, the government U-turned on Disability Student Allowance (DSA), and legalised gay marriage  - this all proved that we’re on the agenda and we’re going nowhere.
  3. At NUS, we’re getting hot on campaign training, as our Disabled Students’ Officer Maddy Kirkman says 'we need to be a force to be reckoned with and a powerful coherent voice that is impossible to ignore.' Check out the Liberation events we have coming up.
  4. We found out today that over one million people have been left off the electoral register due to changes in the system. Most of these are young people and students. It’s time to take our votes back. #GenerationVote
  5. This General Election could be the tightest, most interesting one in recent history and students could actually swing it. Even satirical joke characters are putting themselves forward - oh, and Al Murray

So… it’s looking pretty exciting, right? If you’re a student and you define as a woman, LGBT, Black and/or disabled, kick off this year with one of activist training days, which are taking place in Liverpool on 26 January and in Milton Keynes on 28 January.  Registration closes on Monday 19 January. See you there. 


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