Five reasons to sign up to our Student Governor programme

Thursday 20-10-2016 - 13:51

We've teamed up with the Education and Training Foundation and developed a brand new induction programme for FE Student Governors. Get board-ready ahead of time! Here’s five reasons why Student Governors should sign up to our FREE learning package...

This year, in partnership with the Education and Training Foundation, NUS have developed a new, completely free induction programme for FE student governors. The blended learning package combines a face to face induction session with a short eLearning programme, helping to get student governors “board-ready” earlier in their term of office. The programme will introduce governors to the role, current issues in the FE sector and focus on developing personal skills, like organisation and confidence. 

1. It's FREE!

Thanks to funding from ETF, we are able to provide this package completely free for all current student governors.

2. It helps you to make a difference to your college 

Student governors are so important in this current stage in the FE sector. Attendance at corporation is critical and you will really make a difference to your college.

3. You will learn new skills

Being a student governor is an experience, our training will ensure that it is a positive one. You will learn new skills and improve old ones, whilst having a bit of fun.

4. You can meet other Student Govenors

This is a chance to meet others in the same position as yourself, a chance to network, share best practice and form strong friendships with people in your region.

5. You'll get a free NUS Extra card!

All student governors that attend the induction day and complete the eLearning course will receive a FREE NUS extra card.

As mentioned before, the programme is supported by the Education and Training Foundation who support the development of the FE sector in England.  As such, the course is completely free for student governors in further education colleges within England, but sadly not available in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland at the moment. 

Induction events will be taking place in every region and will be free to attend. Student governors must attend a face to face induction in order to receive access to the online program.

For more information and to book please visit this link.

  • South West 7 November
  • South East 8 November
  • London 9 November
  • West Midlands 10 November
  • East Midlands 15 November
  • Yorkshire & the Humber 15 November
  • East 16 & 17 November
  • North East tbc
  • North West 29 November


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