Five reasons to attend our ‘Trump, Brexit and Beyond’ summit

Thursday 02-03-2017 - 11:40

On Sunday 12 March, we’re hosting an exciting one-day event exploring the current global political situation and the opportunities for students and their communities to organise an effective, unified intersectional response. Here are just five of the many reasons why you should join us!


1. Hear from international voices

We are lucky to have secured speakers from the USA and France, with experience of organising communities against racism. 

Junaya Khan of Black Lives Matter will be sharing her perspective of the challenges ahead and how movements can be built from the bottom up to take on state oppression.

Yasser Louatti is a human rights activist who has played a key role in resisting Islamophobic policies and a resurgence of the far-right fascist Front National in France.

2. Build links with trade unions

In taking on bigotry, we are stronger when we are many. Teachers, academics and other education workers are impacted by racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination, too.

That is why the UCU and NUT will play a part in the day, and we will hear from various representatives, include the union general secretaries, Sally Hunt and Kevin Courtney.

3. Take ideas back to campus

There will be many practical workshops exploring campaigns and initiatives you can replicate locally. From establishing hate crime reporting centre in your college or university, to supporting international students experiencing the brunt of the UKs Border Agency.

You will come away from the event having met new people who can provide a network to share ideas and experiences of implementation.

4. Support our right to choose

Another human right that’s under threat is reproductive freedom. Donald Trump, as well as certain politicians in our own country, would like to see restrictions on access to abortion. In Ireland, abortion is effectively illegal.

This summit will be a rare chance to discuss the issue of reproductive autonomy in the wider context of hate crime and bigotry, hearing from women activists who have led campaigns.

5. It’s free

There is no fee to attend, all you need to do is register online.

Invite your friends, family, students, co-workers and spread the word.

‘Trump, Brexit and Beyond’ takes place at SOAS, London on Sunday 12 March. More information can be found online here.


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