Five Ideas... why you should join us on #Nov19

Monday 03-10-2016 - 10:00

The government is attacking our education and it’s time to take a stand. On Saturday 19 November students will march through central London under the banner  ‘United for Education’. Here are five reasons why you should join us on #Nov19

1. Fund our colleges

Years of devastating cuts to our colleges have caused many courses to close and jobs to be lost. Further education is the route taken by millions of school leavers and adult learners. Join us in calling for the government to make it a priority through increased funding.


2. Stop rising fees

The government wants to increase tuition fees yet again from next year. If unchecked they will reach £12,000 a year by 2026. Students are tired of being burdened by debt they will never pay off. Join us and take a stand.


3. March for someone else

You may already be on your chosen course at college or university. If we don’t defend our education the chances are that someone you know won’t have the same opportunity. Think about your friend, sister, cousin, nephew, children or grandchildren – and march for them and their future on #Nov19.


4. Have a great day out

Join thousands of other people in a friendly, fun and positive atmosphere as we march on a traffic free route through central London. A rally at the end of the march next to the Houses of Parliament will feature a range of inspiring speakers.


5. Join an international movement

November will see marches to defend free education across the world, from South Africa to Canada and across Europe.

After the Brexit vote, join us in showing that our colleges and universities are open and welcoming places for all.


Will you join NUS and UCU on Saturday 19 November and march to prove we are United for Education? 

Join our Facebook event here and help us to get the word out to fellow students about #Nov19! Together we are a force too large to ignore.


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