Five Ideas... why you should attend FE Lead & Change

Tuesday 01-11-2016 - 13:52

FEstival, check. FE Zones, check. Now it's time for FE Lead and Change, and we are excited to announce that registration is open! Book onto the course and see what skills you can take away...

The introductory course is for full and part time officers in further education; it equips you with the knowledge and confidence to be an effective FE student leader. We're holding courses in London and Manchester.


1. Discover the leader in you…

FE Lead & Change is a bespoke training event for FE officers, offering a safe environment in which to explore and discover your own potential as a student leader. You’ll be supported and challenged to develop your leadership skills and self-confidence through a variety of interactive and reflective activities.


2. You are one in seven million!

As a member of NUS, your students’ union is part of the largest student-led organisation that represents seven million students, striving to promote, extend and defend the rights of your students and others throughout the UK. FE Lead & Change is an opportunity to experience the volume and power of the student movement to improve access to and the quality of education, for all students.


3. Connect, collaborate - and change the world

FE Lead & Change is a great introduction to explore the most effective methods of campaigning and working collectively to bring positive change to your college and your community. From advocacy to activism, this course gives you the tools to tackle the current issues facing your students with the support of the national movement behind you.


4. Improving representation & engagement

To be an effective student officer your values must embrace and reflect the diversity of your membership. There are opportunities throughout FE Lead & Change to share experience and practice; reflecting on your role to inspire and empower ALL students to engage with your union’s activities and reach their full potential.


5. Speak Up!

Not many people find it easy talking at the front of the classroom or presenting to a boardroom, but student officers are often asked to do this as part of their representative role. And it’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. Previous officers who have completed FE Lead & Change have said that they developed in confidence and were able to take-away essential public speaking skills – and thoroughly enjoyed the networking opportunities throughout the course. Some of our previous delegates have then stood on the national stage and confidently undertaken full-time officer roles in NUS, including our current Vice President of Further Education. Maybe you will be next? 



FE Lead and Change, London – 01 December

FE Lead and Change, Manchester – 30 November




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