Five Ideas... why you should attend Black Leaders Conference 2015

Monday 14-09-2015 - 18:04

Last week, we announced details of NUS’ first ever Black Leaders Conference. Here are a handful of reasons why Black* staff and sabbatical officers from the movement should attend the Conference which takes place in Sheffield this November.

1. Take part in the first ever event of its kind

Our Black Leaders Conference is the first event of its kind and is born from our programme of work to increase Black representation and to support Black leadership in the sector. 

2. Discuss how we can make and not break future Black and Minority Ethnic Leaders in HE

Dr Gurnam Singh and Dr Josephine Kwhali, the authors of the latest research on Black leadership in HE, will share their findings from the Leadership Foundation’s stimulus paper ‘How can we make not break black and minority ethnic leaders in higher education?’ .
They will focus on leadership issues in relation to the UK Higher Education sector and draw upon their insights about the US Higher Education system.

3. Understand and develop your leader identity

Knowing who you are as a leader is critical to your career success. You will have the opportunity to take part in a workshop exploring the importance of Black leadership and how you can create a leader identity that is both authentic, accessible and founded on your values and purpose.

4. The networking

You will have the chance to meet Black staff and officers with a range of roles and experiences from all over the country. This will give you the opportunity to build your networks and share ideas with others who have similar experiences.

5. Advancing your career in the student movement

There is a lack of ethnic diversity in the student movement, especially amongst staff. This is compounded by the fact that many Black staff and officers face barriers to career progression and are unsure on what their ‘next steps’ should be.

Yemi Gbajobi (CEO at City University London Students' Union) and Denise Leander (Deputy Chief Executive, King's College London Students' Union) will deliver a workshop to provide tips and guidance on progressing your career in the student movement as an officer and staff member.   

NUS Black Leaders Conference 2015 takes place in Sheffield on Wednesday 11 November. Registration for the conference is now open, and you can book your place here.  

*Black is used an inclusive term to represent those from African, Arab, Asian, Caribbean and South American communities.


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